Driving meaningful change

The current fashion system operates in a linear take-make-waste model. This means that we take resources from the ground to make products and when we no longer want them we throw them away: take-make-waste. This linear model is not sustainable for businesses, people or our environment and we have no option but to change.

Our approach to sustainable manufacturing differs from that of larger retailers, which restock rapidly, sometimes at the expense of people and the environment. We produce in small runs to help eliminate waste and excess, the collections are designed and made in our UK studio with the exception of our jerseys produced in Portugal. We only outsource to select local factories and work closely with them to ensure our high-quality construction and ethical standards are met.

We're a slow fashion brand and are constantly learning but we are here to do things differently. In order to really make a positive impact on the planet, consumers are as much responsible for the afterlife of a garment than fashion brands. The best way to avoid clothes from ending up in landfills is to invest in good quality items and care for them as long as possible.