Our Commitments

Heba Shaikh believes in a shared culture of transparency and accountability by investing in the power of community and personal connection. Our promise means to discuss the challenges we face and how we overcome them. We believe in the power of a collaborative approach. Therefore, when we find complex issues in our supply chain, we seek partnerships with local experts, like-minded brands and suppliers, and organisations that bring about long-lasting change. This is because we recognise we cannot solve these systemic problems on our own, and must collaborate to solve them sooner.

Systemic Change

We strive for a more ambitious and holistic approach towards circularity. Our first step is to reduce the enormous volume of new garments produced every year by crafting only what we need, as well as avoiding oil-derived synthetics, and reserving their use for technical necessity only. We operate our business in a way that shares the reward amongst all of our partners, not just a select few. Whether in industry or as a consumer, we must all play our part in change.

Our Suppliers and Makers

Our manufacturers and suppliers are at the core of our business. We have built mutually-beneficial relationships that we value, and we plan for continued transparency. We take a fundamental approach to working with new manufacturers or suppliers to ensure that they meet our standards and expectations of doing business.